Help us for a safer mountain experience!

Geoavalanche project was born in the late 2011, hands of Geobeyond, as a such experiment of social mapping for learning the responsiveness of mountaineers to avalanches.
Volunteers, mountaineers, stakeholders who collect, sort and reliably report warnings, avalanches and related incidents in a worldwide map.

The idea would be to gather spatially-aware information about avalanches, areas prone to and incidents with the associated avalanche risk for issued location from the crowd in order to making them available to official stakeholders.
This will allow to foster warning tools and raise awareness of avalanche risk to practitioners through the use of location based alerts.

The application is available at this site http://incident.geoavalanche.org but even usable by the smartphone clients as indicated on the homepage.
The user can also get through with social media by tweeting the hashtag either #geoavalanche or #avalreport or #avalevent to reporting information.

Geoavalanche makes contributing to changing the mountain world around you!!!

More info on the Ushahidi Blog following this link

Our poster presentation at last GI Forum in Salzburg